Jetter GS124 Overdrive

Jetter GS124 Overdrive

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After having used Brad Jeter's pedals for years on gigs and sessions, we're thrilled to be able to offer Jetter pedals! To our ears, these are some of the most dynamic, amp-like gain pedals we've come across. They're incredibly well made - you can feel the quality the second you pick one up - sound fantastic, and are super reliable.

We'll let Brad fill you in on the GS 125 - suffice to say, we love it...

"Recently, I had the opportunity to spend of couple of days up close and personal with a guitarist who tours with two Dumble Overdrive Special amplifiers in his rig. That experience rekindled my interest in trying to replicate that sound in a pedal. 

For the development of the GC 124, I used a very accurate clone of the ODS #124 using blind switching for evaluation. The goal was to have the pedal become virtually indiscernible from the amp. The GS 124 is not a generic "D-style" pedal, rather, it is a specific replication of a particular amp. No bells and whistles, no extra knobs and switches. What the GS 124 does is match the tone and feel of the amp. 

The GS 124 is amp friendly and particularly likes amps that are set 'Fender amp' clean, but that is only the starting point."