Our Services

Lesson Center

The Music Emporium hosts one-on-one lessons in many styles of acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Our exceptional teaching staff offers lessons to players at all levels, from rank beginners to advanced players looking to improve technique and expand repertoire. Some students have been with us for years; some have gone on to promising academic careers at Berklee and other colleges; others just want to learn at their own pace and enjoy music as a fun avocation. Whatever your level of interest and ability, we welcome you to arrange a meeting with one of our teachers by either calling us, or completing a quick online application.


Special Orders

The Music Emporium stocks over 300 instruments in our showroom – a tremendous selection. Despite such an array of options, a patron may want an unstocked item. Be it a lefty who wants a high-end acoustic or someone who just missed out on a special one-off model we had in the store.

Your Guitar Broker

The Music Emporium will buy and sell on your behalf vintage and fine instruments. Is there a particular instrument you want to find? Looking for a new Collings Brazilian OM, a 1920's Gibson A mandolin, or a '50s Martin D-28?

Email us and we'll keep working hard to find you your special item. When we find a possible match for purchase or sale, we'll contact you.