Alright kids, buckle up. This used/like new Tsakalis AudioWorks Phonkify ain't your average stomp box. Consider yourself a sonic explorer? Read on. 

In truth, this was a new brand and pedal for us. We like to stay on top of our game to be sure, but given the sheer number of pedal makers in the world, you can't know 'em all no matter how hard you try. Suffice it to say, we were knocked out by this made in Greece, well, phonky Phonkify envelope filter / wah / octave pedal!

Where to start...Love Jerry? Maybe cover Edie Brickell's famous "What I Am?" (or just love that solo)? Bootsy your man? The Phonkify has got you covered. 

Those tones too safe for you? This horizontal guy can get weird if you want it to - in the coolest, most inspiring, have you playing stuff you've never played before sort of way. Steel drum sounds, ring modulated sounds, other-worldly fluttering octave tones...

In short, this is a box that rewards 'new sound' seekers. It's super easy to drive - in truth, we plugged in, scratched our heads...what is this thing?...and started twisting knobs and flicking switches which resulted in lots of smiles and, most importantly, new ideas. 

Condition: Like new w/box.


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