"I might as well confess that I'm really an old school guy, totally hooked on the character of vintage stuff. From my 1912 bungalow house to my VW bugs, blue or black Chuck Taylors, tube amps, classic motorcycles and old vintage longboards. I like just about everything from the '50s and '60s." - Michael Swart (Tone Report interview) 

Michael Swart has been building beautiful, vintage-minded amps down in Wilmington, NC for quite some time now and we couldn't be happier to now represent his killer line of amps and pedals! Swart players include Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants), Greg V, Matthew Sweet, etc...

Michael took one of the all-time favorite gain boosters - the Dallas Rangemaster - and made it more reliable and less prone to RF bleed, while still employing the much sought after vintage NOS Mullard CV7003 Transistor and a tighter speed glass envelope OC44. 


  • Point to point wiring 
  • Mid or full boost toggle 
  • Full bypass switching 
  • Blue power LED 
  • Dedicated 9v batter operation for cleanest power and lowest noise

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