When you work around amazing guitars all day everyday, you start to suspect that where these instruments are made has more than a bit to do with their personality. Like great works of art, you can't really separate the artist from their environment and the impact said environment has on their work. Case in point? This killer 2007 Sadowsky NYC S-Style guitar.

Roger Sadowsky needs no introduction. He's a legend in the guitar making community and many phenomenal builders have spent time working at his shop in NYC. His artist user list reads like a who's-who of greats - Will Lee, Walter Becker, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, through to Keith Richards and Andy Summers. The list goes on and on and speaks volumes about what Roger's instruments are about - pro-grade gear, period.

A few minutes spent with this gorgeous NYC S-Style revealed a plethora of awesome tones, flawless playability, and a really inspiring overall playing experience. The neck feels a touch wide and a little flatter than other Strats which is awesome for lead and chord work - the string spacing is really comfortable.

There's Roger's amazing built-in preamp, accessed by the 3-way mini-toggle switch that's located in a very accessible yet out-of-the-way spot. The middle "tone" control acts like a volume / mix for the boost. All the way to the left, the boost is out and you're treated to glassy, modern-leaning Strat tones. In the middle position (again, mini-toggle, not the 5-way switch which functions like any Strat 5-way you've used) the boost kicks up the mids and the middle tone knob let's you determine how much of this fattening effect you want. Flick the switch to the right, and look out. Tons of boost on tap via this gain boost. It'll slam the front end of your amp without mercy. Perfect for lead work or that cover of Cinnamon Girl you've been working on. 

What's so hep about this mid & boost circuit is that you could in essence grab just the guitar and an amp on your way to the gig, and unless you're in a U2 cover band, be fine. This is where the "where these guitars are made" bit comes in. Given how versatile this guitar is, it makes total sense that it was made in NYC - where else do you really need one guitar that'll cover a lot of tones, handle sessions where attention to detail has to be there, and can be squeaky clean or screaming without the aid of pedals? You simply can't take 5 guitars to the gig via the subway along with pedals, an need one damned good guitar. Look back at the artist roster and you'll see what we're driving at...high level, forward-thinking guitars for pros, period. 

Condition: Excellent. Very light signs of prior ownership, mainly on the pickguard (pick scratches). Extremely light fret wear on the first few frets (barely there, but in the interest of full disclosure). 

Don't let this throw you if you're like 99% of us - home / occasional gig players. You don't have to be Dean Parks to own this beauty. Just someone looking for an incredibly well executed "do it all" guitar. We love it, what can we say? An incredible instrument that had us playing outside of our comfort zone in a very good way! 

Priced with hardshell case. 


  • Alder body, Maple top
  • Highest grade flat sawn maple neck
  • Morado fingerboard
  • Chrome hardware
  • Polyester body finish
  • Satin nitrocellulose lacquer neck finish
  • Sadowsky preamp with mid boost and gain boost, true bypass
  • Electrostatic shielding
  • 22 fret neck
  • 12” fingerboard radius
  • 18% Nickel/Silver frets, maximum hardness; .094”wide x .051” high
  • Tusq XL self lubricating nut
  • 7lbs 11oz

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