Ryan Nightingale Grand Soloist Old Growth Walnut & Redwood



TME is happy to be stocking new Kevin Ryan guitars! For years, both the Ryan name and aesthetic have been synonymous with the phrase "world-class fingerstyle guitar" -- and the new instruments coming out of their shop are the best they've ever made. The Nightingale "Grand Soloist" is the most versatile and sought-after guitar in their lineup; and it produces the deep, complex sound fingerstyle guitarists demand for intricate instrumental work. This particular guitar features tone woods sourced from Ryan's native California -- old-growth Walnut back and sides and a Redwood top. In addition to the sensational figure on display here, this instrument is a fantastic example of the great sounding guitars that can be produced with domestically sourced materials: its woody voice and huge low-end response will stand toe-to-toe with any Ryan guitar, and its playability is spot-on perfect. Priced with new Calton Case (white exterior, black interior).


  • Extended 25.7" Scale Length
  • 11.00” Upper Bout / 16.00” Lower Bout
  • Total Length: 41.75” / Length of Box: 20.50”
  • Depth at head block: 3.80" / Tail block: 4.80"
  • Standard Nut Width: 1.75”
  • String spacing at bridge: 2.25”
  • Florentine cutaway option

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