Damian Probett is considered by many to be one of the finest electric builders working today. His name regularly appears in conversation alongside the likes of Johan Gustavsson, Gil Yaron, and Michael Stevens. You can imagine why we're thrilled to have a gently used, and absolutely stunning in every regard, Rocket '59 in the shop! 

Let's have a show of hands: Strat players, wish you could get on with Les Pauls? Love the sound but just don't bond with the feel? How about you Les Paul players - love the feel of a Strat but just can't get down with the thinner single coil tones? Enter the Rocket '59. 

Take a Strat. Super comfortable, great for lead playing, sounds pretty thin at times when you really want something beefier sounding. Les Paul? Huge tones, but, they're too much sometimes, don't balance well when seated, can be heavy...The Rocket '59 brilliantly captures the essence of these 2 classic guitar's strengths and rolls them into one guitar. Overall, it's literally the perfect blend of a Strat's ergonomic and comfortable body and a LP's chunky neck (59 style), short scale, set-neck construction and tones. The build quality is exceptional, btw. Guitars don't get better, especially at this price point. While not inexpensive, it's also an enormous bargain. Once you pop the case and behold this beauty, you'll see exactly what we mean. 

Condition: Excellent save for some light weather checking on the body and neck (by design), a small ding on the headstock, and light tarnishing on the hardware. No fret wear or issues. The setup is fantastic. 

There are so many subtle aspects to the Rocket it's hard to cover them all in a short listing, but suffice it to say we're totally knocked out and grow more so the more we play Damian's guitars. We definitely recommend checking out his work, you won't be disappointed! Priced with Hiscox hardshell case.


  • Premium grade 1 piece 1/75" mahogany body w/deep belly contours 
  • Premium grade 9/16" carved flamed Eastern Maple top, bevelled "drop heel" neck joint 
  • Single ply vintage-spec ABS
  • 1 piece quarter sawn mahogany neck with holly headstock veneer
  • First grade Rosewood fretboard w/singly ply Royalite binding & vintage spec Trap inlays
  • 12" radius 
  • Nut Width: 1.693"
  • Vintage style 3/16 single acting truss rod
  • Nut: Bone
  • Nickel silver frets (.100"x.050")
  • 10 degree headstock angle 
  • 24.625" Scale Length 
  • Pickups: 2 custom voiced PAF type humbuckers 
  • Controls: 2 vol / 2 tone, custom taper CTS pots with selected vintage capacitors 
  • Gotoh locking “Kluson” style tuners
  • Pigtail intonatable wraparound bridge with locking posts fitted to 1 1/4" steel studs
  • Gloss unplasticised nitro lacquer 
  • Hiscox “Liteflite” hardcase

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