We're thrilled to welcome the Nashville-based Novo Guitars to the TME family!

New to the Novo Guitars name? Chances are, you're well acquainted with founder Dennis Fano's work. Dennis has been making genre (and mind) bending guitars for over a decade and his ability to cross-pollinate elements of Gibson, Fender, Silvertone, Kay, and Rickenbacker guitars into something entirely new is the stuff of legend. 

Dennis Fano is simply a master of combining ultra-cool visual aesthetics with an impeccably made instrument. The setup, fretwork, and resulting playability are phenomenal. It's a lightweight guitar (7lbs), balances perfectly for seated or standing playing, and ultimately invites plugging in, cranking your amp, and pounding out some of your favorite riffs.

This Serus J sports Lollar Mini-Humbuckers which sound fantastic pared with the tempered pine body and Mastery Bridge/Trem. Great top-end bite, yet still warm and fat. It's a really cool blend of compression, punch, and articulation. Beautiful clean tones into Fender-style amps (and we'd imagine any other style of amp, that's just what we happened to be plugged into). Overdriven tones are a revelation if unaccustomed to mini-humbuckers. It's truly the best of both single-coil and humbucker worlds. 

We can say enough great things about how comfortable these guitars are to play. They're so lively and responsive, acoustically loud when played sans amp, with a perfectly rounded, broken-in feeling medium C neck carve. The way these guitars are constructed makes them feel like a short scale guitar in your hands even though they're a long scale build. It's nice to feel like the neck sits directly in front of you with little reaching when playing seated, and the upper fret access is as good as it gets for lead work. 

You really get the impression that the Novo team has a blast making these guitars - you can just feel it when you sit down with one. Before you know it, an hour has passed, your finger tips are sore, your ears are ringing...and you're grinning ear to ear. But that's the whole point, no? 

Priced with a deluxe Mono gig bag.


  • Tempered pine body w/front and back contours
  • Tempered maple neck
  • East Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • Medium C carve - .830" @ 1st and .920" @ 12th
  • 9.5" radius
  • 25.5" scale length
  • 1.65" nut width, unbleached bone nut
  • Jescar 6125 frets, 21 total
  • Clay dots
  • Mastery Bridge & trem
  • Kluson tuners
  • 3-way switch, V, T controls
  • Black which hat knobs
  • Lollar Mini-humbuckers
  • Gold plexi pickguard 
  • 10-46 strings 
  • Mono deluxe gig bag/hybrid case
  • 7lbs

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