Looking for a player's grade '58 D-18? Look no further! This is a fantastic-sounding old -18, that has us wondering if the top might be German / Red / some non-Sitka variant. Its crispness and articulate voice would certainly lend credence to the theory. It's been rode hard, as the parlance goes, but remains crack free and simply carries a lot of honest wear (button indents, scrapes, etc.). It's had a well-executed neck reset and refret in its past, and a wooden strap pin and end pin have been added. Relic-finished Waverly tuners replace the originals, and new ivoroid bridge pins have been added. Original finish throughout, original bridge & bridge plate. Excellent setup and playability, with a straight neck and action sitting right at 3/32" bass side, 2 /32" treble side under tension of medium gauge strings. Priced with contemporary hard case, this is a fantastic deal for anyone looking into their first vintage Martin dreadnought.

On consignment. 


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