Martin 000-28 (1937)

$38,500. Please contact us for purchase details.


TME is happy to host this wonderful 1937 Martin 000-28 for consignment. Martins from 1937 seem to exhibit the perfect combination of features contributing to the "pre-war" tone everyone who lusts after them would recognize right away. The lightness of build, the perfect amount of neck mass, the soft V carve -- everything just works together in perfect harmony. And that's immediately what you think when strumming this 000-28 for the first time. Balance, power, depth of tone, a punchy dry midrange: this guitar has it all. We'd call the overall condition excellent, though it has had some repair work in its day. The bridge has been replaced at some point (there's a nice-looking replica on the guitar now); and we had TJ Thompson repair several cracks before listing it for sale. True to form, the work is amazing and most of what was fixed is invisible. One crack in the top, two in the back, and several cracks around the end wedge (the result of the guitar taking a bump on its end with a pin installed) have been glued and the areas around them lightly oversprayed. The rest of the finish has been lightly buffed and blends with the oversprayed area around the end wedge seamlessly. 

Have a listen as our friend, Eduardo Mercuri, pulls some amazing tone from this guitar over at the 'Video' tab (please note, the guitar is strung with Martin Monel .012-.053 in the recording). We invite all interested buyers to contact us for a thorough in-hand description. This guitar is priced with its original hard case, and is with us on consignment. Payment via check or bank transfer.


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