Martin 00-28 (1930) Employee Model



We're happy to host this incredible-sounding 1930 Martin employee-built 00-28 for consignment. We're calling it a 00-28--even though there's no model or serial number stamped on the neck block--since that's clearly the basis for this guitar's construction (the underside of the top is signed & dated by Martin employee Earle Hartzell, whose granddaughter still works at the factory). Martin employees had to customize their personal guitars so that they couldn't be confused with instruments made for retail; and this one sports a pearl rosette, dots and diamonds on the fingerboard, and some handsome wood purfling on the back. It's in excellent overall condition, only sporting an old repaired back crack and an old repaired neck-heel crack in its repair history. The repairs have been inspected by TJ Thompson and require nothing further at this time. The setup and playability are excellent, with full-height bar frets and a straight neck under tension of light steel strings. 

Let's get back to that back. Since employees could also choose the wood for their guitars, we're not surprised this otherwise style-28 instrument features best-of-the-best Brazilian Rosewood (it looks like something that would've been used on a style-42 or -45). The Red Spruce top is gorgeous, lightweight and tight-grained; and unsurprisingly, this guitar sounds glorious and responds to the lightest touch whether fingerpicked or flatpicked (listen to Eduardo Mercuri play it over at the Video tab). Priced with contemporary Martin hard case. 

On consignment. Interested buyers are welcome to contact us for a thorough in-hand description. Payment by check or bank wire only.


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