Lowden F35 Chechen Rosewood & Redwood



Stunner of a Lowden F35 just into the shop, crafted from the little-seen Chechen Rosewood and featuring a beautiful Redwood top. Chechen Rosewood (also known as Caribbean Rosewood) has a gorgeous color slightly reminiscent or burled walnut, but it sounds like a rosewood ought to sound -- fat, warm and rich, with plenty of projection when used on a larger-boded guitar. The Redwood top keeps the voice of this guitar mellow and responsive; and this guitar will reward a fingerstyle player who's been looking for an easy-playing guitar that won't skimp on depth or complexity of sound. This F35 also features maple bindings, abalone rosette, ebony fingerboard and headstock veneers, Gotoh 510 tuners and a 1 3/4" nut width. Priced with Hiscox case!


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