Koll Tornado Black Limba w/Skyway Trem (2007)



"I didn't want to make Telecasters or Stratocasters or Les Paul copies, I wanted to do my own thing. Because these are original shapes, I had the flexibility to do anything I wanted." -Saul Koll

Our first Tornado model just in on consignment and we're blown away! Such a cool guitar. Let's dig in...

The Tornado is essentially a reworked Junior Glide model and was a collaboration between Koll and visionary guitarist, David Torn. Starting with the Koll's Glide body shape, contours and a tummy cut were added to make it more ergonomic - comfort is definitely the name of the game here.

The neck carve is a slim C (.8"-.9" 1st to 12th fret) and sports rounded fingerboard edges on the Brazilian fretboard. We love the lack of fretboard markers. Given this guitar is designed for forward-thinking players, it makes sense that you'd leave off markers. The effect is subtle, but somehow feels a bit more open and lends itself to less pattern-prone excursions. 

Aside from gorgeous looks and well thought-out design, this Tornado sounds awesome and feels amazing in-hand. The pickups are non-oringal Naylor Railhammer humbuckers which sport a split rail-and-slug design that maximizes the benefits of both design philosophy's. A standout, to be sure, is the Skyway 2020 bridge. A very inventive design that mimics the feel of a hardtail bridge when not in use, and provides an ultra-stable, slightly stiff feel when using the bar. It's a super cool design and we're loving the stability and overall feel. Folks who love really soft feeling trems (say, a Mastery or even a Bigsby) will likely find the Skyway a little too stiff, but if you are a moderate whammy user (ie, for basic, non-EVH dives), you'll dig it. It can certainly take heavy use, it's feel is just on the stiffer side...

Condition: Near mint. There are two small indentations in the lightly finished body - near the input jack and on the back. The input jack indentation is easy to spot, the small indentation on the back requires some searching to locate. Frets are perfect and all electronics work as they should. 

Highly recommended to anyone looking for a modern, light-weight guitar but with the heart and soul of the great, vintage classics. We're sold. Priced with original hardshell case and original Koll case candy (and of course, the trem bar).

On consignent, no trades please.


  • FINISH: Shellac/Oil hand-rubbed 
  • BODY: Chambered Black Limba 
  • TOP: Flamed Maple
  • NECK: Black Limba, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, set neck w/tapered heel
  • NECK CARVE: Slim C, ~ .8" at the 1st fret, .9" at the 12th fret
  • TUNERS: Waverly 
  • SCALE: 25"
  • BRIDGE: Skyway 2020 Trem
  • PICKUPS: Two Naylor Railhammers (non-original)
  • PICKUP RINGS: Custom Flamed Maple  
  • CONTROLS: V-V-T / LP toggle
  • WEIGHT: 6lbs 15oz
  • STRINGS: 10-46
  • CASE: Deluxe G&G hardshell

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