"My goal is to put out pedals that reach new levels of creativity. There's nothing wrong with another overdrive, but I'm reaching for places that people haven't gone." - Josh Scott (JHS Pedals Founder)

We're thrilled to welcome JHS Pedals to the Music Emporium family!

The Colour Box Preamp brings you the unmistakable sound of plugging your guitar, bass, piano, microphone, or anything else, directly into a vintage Neve preamp. We've been waiting for a pedal like this for some time. Think "Revolution" by the Beatles, "Black Dog" by Led Zep, "The Beast and Dragon, Adored" by Spoon, "Reelin' in the Years" by Steely Dan, etc... The Colour Box is capable of that tone, and many, many more. 

The Colour Box has become a JHS Pedals classic in a matter of a few years by giving players a sound that before was only available in the studio. With studio-grade circuitry and a Lundahl transformer, the Colour Box is a preamp, EQ, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz that will transform any signal you put thought it.

-Direct-in studio preamp tones 

-Tons of gain for a wide array of preamp, overdrive, and fuzz tones

-Power EQ section to perfectly tailor your signal

-Hi-Pass for cutting out muddy low end of lo-fi garage tones

-1/4" and XLR in and out for use with any instrument or microphone 

-Quality Lundahl transformer that adds weight and dimension to your signal 


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