"Jetter Gear made the decision several years ago to keep as much of the build process in-house or closely under our direct control. Our enclosures are designed by us and manufactured locally, our silk screening is all done in-house, our circuit boards are designed in-house and manufactured using military grade materials, and every circuit board is loaded by hand at Jetter Gear. These steps contribute to our dedication to designing and building the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing pedals possible." - Brad Jeter

The Jetter Tritium overdrive is a result of the lessons Brad Jeter learned while making his legendary Jet Drive and Helium pedals. To our ears, the Tritium is in the Dumble-esq tone world with a healthy amount of gain - let's call it medium gain. Great for lead work to be sure, but it can certainly handle lower-gain rhythm work as well. 

Clarity, fat midrange, and an extremely amp-like repose are hallmarks of all Jetter pedals, and the Tritium is certainly no exception! A fantastic pedal and worth serious consideration. 

Condition: Light wear on the enclosure, no issues functionally. 


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