"The vision was clear—to build hand-crafted custom guitars with the best tone, looks, and playability available." - Don Grosh

It's funny, every time we get a new guitar from Don Grosh and crew we feel like it's better than the last guitar they sent us. Is it truly? Not sure, Don's guitars are incredibly consistent. It must speak to how we react to a guitar visually and if that color/vibe is in our personal wheelhouse. This 59 Burst NOS "Nashville style" Vintage T? Definitely in our wheelhouse. What an incredibly cool guitar! 

If you're new to Grosh guitars, you can expect a flawlessly made, lightweight, extremely resonant, and ultra-deluxe playing instrument. These guitars brilliantly straddle the line between vintage feel and modern leaning features and build quality. The satin-finished Medium/Large Roundback neck carve (.85"-.95") is a highlight of this guitar - just so comfortable and fast, it's hard to believe you're playing a Tele! The fretwork is outstanding and Don's own pickups deliver gorgeous twang coupled with a softened top-end (ie, no earsplitting treble here) and killer compression.

So what's with the "Nashville" thing, you ask? A common mod players make to their Telecasters is to put a Strat's middle pickup between the two Tele pickups, along with a Strat's 5-way switch (and in this case, a push/pull on the tone knob which allows you to access all 3 pickups at once). You've now got the best of both worlds - all the normal Tele tones (bridge, bridge/neck, neck) plus the addition of the 2 and 4 Strat positions (bridge/middle, middle/neck). It's a really cool setup and one we've loved for a long time. It's brilliant for players who are more in the Tele camp but do appreciate (or need) those clucky Strat tones from time to time. 

An outstanding guitar that will please any player looking for the best of the best - or - the player who loves Tele's but wish they were a bit more refined. Priced with custom fitted hardshell case.


  • Alder body
  • Maple neck and Indian Rosewood fretboard
  • Aged Satin Lacquer Neck Finish
  • Large Roundback neck carve (.87"-.97")
  • 10" Radius
  • 1 5/8" Nut Width
  • 6150 Frets (Medium)
  • 25 1/2" Scale Length
  • Gotoh Vintage T bridge
  • Locking Kluson Tuners
  • Brown Tortoise Pickguard
  • Grosh GT neck pickup, Fat 60s middle pickup, GT bridge pickup
  • 5-way, volume, tone (push/pull - adds bridge or neck pickup)
  • Custom Fit Hardshell Case
  • SN: 3877
  • 7lbs 9oz

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