"The vision was clear—to build hand-crafted custom guitars with the best tone, looks, and playability available." - Don Grosh

The Grosh NOS Retro model looks a lot like a beautiful old Stratocaster but as we all know looks can sometimes be deceiving. Strat buffs, or those with a keen eye, will note some modern tweaks to this tried and true model. What you can't tell from pics alone, is just how amazingly well made, playable, and tone-filled this guitar is. Let's dig in...

The thing we've mentioned time and again about Don's guitars - the thing we love most about them - is his ability to push the Strat into modern waters without sacrificing the feel and soul of a great, old Strat. Some modern "Super Strat" guitars are immaculately made but somehow end up feeling a little lifeless and sterile - definitely not so with Don's guitars. What you end up with is the playability and functionality of a modern guitar (a trem that stays in tune, a more modern approach to the wiring - 5-way switch plus a volume, tone, and blend control) but the feel and vibe is of a more vintage leaning instrument. Sounds cool you say? It is, very much so. 

The 50s style neck carve combined with the 10" radius is a great example of this modern-meets-vintage approach. It's not an overly pronounced V or overly chunky. The Grosh team puts a high premium on really comfortable, easy playing necks and this one falls right in line with that criteria. 

This is a very loud and snappy guitar with tons of sustain. Plugged in, it proves itself to be very versatile thanks in large part to the clever blend control and bridge pickup base plate (a la Telecasters). There are no anemic bridge pickup tones on this guitar. On the contrary, you're presented with fat, stinging, beautifully compressed bridge pickup tones and all the classic Strat "cluck" and chime you could ever want in the other positions.

Playability and setup? Guitars don't really get any better. Effortless playability thanks to some of the best fret work you're likely to see (and that's all of Don's guitars, truthfully). 

This is a killer Strat-style guitar that's perfect for session players, cover-band warriors who need to cover a jazz set and a pop set on the same night, or just anyone who loves Strats. We're sold, no question! Priced with custom fitted hardshell case.


  • Upgraded lightweight Swamp Ash Body
  • Upgraded one piece Maple neck
  • Aged Satin Lacquer Neck Finish
  • 50s Carve (soft V to C)  .850"/.950"
  • 10" Radius
  • 1 5/8" Nut Width
  • 6150 Medium Frets
  • 25 1/2" Scale Length
  • Gotoh 510 Vintage 6-Screw Tremolo 
  • Locking Kluson Tuners
  • Aged White 3-ply Pickguard
  • Grosh 60's Fat pickups (bridge pickup with base plate)
  • 5-way, volume, tone, blend 
  • Custom Fit Hardshell Case
  • 7lbs 8oz
  • SN 3725

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