Gibson ES-350T, J. Geils Owned (1992)



"Goes to show you never can tell!"...indeed. Who in the mid-50s could've predicted the impact the (then) new 17" thinline ES-350T would have on a young Chuck Berry, and ultimately rock n' roll? Is there anything more iconic than seeing Chuck duck walk with his 350T? Other adopters of the ES-350T include Danny Gatton, and in the case of this very guitar, J. Geils of Boston's own The J. Geils Band. 

This 350T is from a limited run Gibson put out, with 1992 being the first year of the reissue. Unlike the originals, these have a more desirable 25 1/2" scale length (vs a very short 23 1/2" of the originals). It's set up beautifully and is an easy playing guitar given its size. Plugged in you can cover anything from early rock, blues, to Wes-style jazz. Easy to see why these guitars had appeal to a wide range of players!

Condition: Given its age and ownership, there are signs of usage though nothing we'd consider major: minor scuffs, dings, some light buckle rash on the back, and light fret wear. Overall we'd call this very good condition. The tuners are replacements. 

This would make a great guitar for anyone wanting something "jazzier" without having to get into an archtop - or - anyone looking for a classic instrument with provenance (note: J. incorrectly mentions it being a '93 but the serial is a '92). Priced with hardshell case. 


  • SN 92442306
  • 25 1/2" scale
  • 1 11/16" nut
  • PAF Pickups 

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