Gibson ES-175 (1953)



Players in the market for a player-grade "jazz box" would be wise to take a deeper look at this beautiful 1953 Gibson ES-175. These guitars are classics for a reason, used by many of the greats over the years (Joe Pass, Metheny, Steve Howe, etc...) and the 50s models tend to have a little extra mojo in our experience. What can we say, we're suckers for 50's P90s. 

This 175 plays great thanks to a re-fret and neck re-set (the frets show a tiny bit of wear). The headstock appears to have had a repaired crack, though very well done. The entire back of the neck was refinished in the process and the side of the body (where it rests on your leg) has had a crack repaired (it should be noted that all of this work was done prior to TME taking it in for consignment). 

The tones are exactly what you'd expect - fat, warm, and beautiful jazz tones are at your disposal thanks to an original set of P90s (these have been shielded likely during the time of the aforementioned repairs) . All electronics work as they should w/no issues (one control knob is replaced, the other three are original). 

Highlights: Great playability, beautiful midrange-drenched P90 tones, vintage vibe at a reduced price.

This '53 ES-175 is very stable, plays and sounds great, and would make a fantastic addition to any jazz player's collection. Priced with hardshell case. 


  • SN A14719
  • 5lbs 15oz

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