This 1966 Fender Tremolux Head & Cab was recently restored by our local tech and is ready to rock. Known for their low-watt sag, the Tremolux is essentially a smaller, lighter Bandmaster and is the smallest of the head/cab piggyback amps Fender was making during this era. 

Tonally it's somewhat similar to the normal channel of a Vibrolux. Though it doesn't have Reverb, it's got all the classic glassy, punchy mid-60s Fender tones you could want. It's certainly loud enough to gig and is a very manageable size for a head/cab setup. 

The closed back 2x10 cab sports one original speaker and one replaced speaker. We're unsure of the make of the replacement (it's just a silver frame w/no markings) but it was done quite some time ago. The result is one alnico and one ceramic 10", and they sound fantastic together. 

Overall the amp is in very good condition and shows expected wear though nothing excessive or concerning. 

The perfect amp for someone looking for vintage Fender tones in an affordable package! 

**Please contact us before purchasing if shipping is required. We'll provide a quote at that time. Thanks


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