Been looking for a Tele...but you're more of a humbucker player? Maybe you don't need all that twang that a standard Tele brings? Might we suggest this killer 1973 Tele Deluxe? 

Why you ask?

Black finish, maple board, and Wide Range humbuckers, my friend. Rock N Roll. While a Tele purist may not agree, to us, few Tele's are as cool looking as an early 70s Deluxe. You did see Andy's pics, yes? Come on!

This 1973 Deluxe is one of the better early 70s specimens we've played. Part of what makes this guitar a cut above is a very well done refret (done by a local tech, not TME). Combined with the narrow nut, the bigger frets make this a super comfortable, easy to play Tele - much easier to play than the classic wide, low frets Fender was using back then.

Tones? Through our '66 Vibrolux, we were met with powerful, round, chewy (for lack of a better word) tones. The bridge pickup sounds wonderful - great bite and clarity but with the punch and output of a humbucker. The neck pickup has similar attributes but ups the bass response a touch (though never got too round in our playing session). Both pickups sound awesome either clean or overdriven, making it really easy to see why these guitars find their way into the hands of players like Keef, Sonic Youth, Graham Coxon...the list goes on.

Condition: Very good/excellent. All original save for the refret and replaced 3-way switch (original is included as are the original frets. Yep. The original frets). Perfectly normal wear for a guitar of this age - a few minor indentations and one or two small dings scattered across the body, finish swirls...keep in mind it's a black guitar which shows any/all wear...the neck is really smooth with one or two very small indentations, but nothing you'll notice when playing.

We're loving the playability, tones, and overall vibe of this '73 Deluxe. At the end of the day, the real question we're trying to answer is - "Does it make you want to play it? Does it Inspire?" The answer with this Tele is undoubtedly yes. Fantastic example of this model. 

Priced with original hardshell case (which is also in excellent condition). 


  • SN 518083
  • 1 9/16" nut
  • Alder body
  • 8lbs (feels lighter than that number would have you believe)

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