Fender Telecaster (1960)



Few things elicit oohs and aahs from guitar players like a well worn vintage Telecaster. The vibe radiating off of this 1960 Telecaster just can't be denied. For many, this Tele is the ideal vintage guitar. It's not a museum piece that's lived it's 59 years locked away in a case under a bed. No, every mark and worn spot on its Ash body was earned the old fashioned way. This, is what a well-worn guitar is supposed to look like. 

Looks aside, how does it play and sound you ask? Wonderful. There's an airy, open, snappy quality to the tone when played acoustically. You can just tell the wood is perfectly dry and seasoned. The neck has the slightest taper to its slim and beautifully broken-in carve, and the setup is perfect. At some point the guitar had a re-fret (vintage size frets) and new nut installed. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard was planed to a 7.25"-12" radius which allows for the best of both worlds in our minds - easy chord work down low on the fretboard and effortless bends up high w/little to no fretting out.

Plugged in, the original pickups deliver classic Tele twang and snap. The bridge pickup has a killer bite without being overly brash or harsh - it reminds us a touch of a top-loaded Tele. The neck pickup delivers round, warm-yet-open tones and the middle position combines the best of these qualities as to be expected. (Be sure to watch the video of Boston-area great, Lyle Brewer, taking it for a spin). 

Along with a refret, planed fingerboard, and replaced nut, there are a few other changes that bump this 1960 beauty into the player-grade category - most notably, two very well done humbucker routes for a neck, and middle, humbucker. There is a slight split in the headstock by the high E strings tuner - it is stable, however. The steel saddles and bridge screws are replacements, one strap button was relocated slightly (the original hole was probably stripped and this was someone's solution), an extra string tree was added to the headstock, and the bridge cover is missing/not included in this sale. 

While not a guitar for someone looking for a museum piece, this is the perfect vintage Tele for a player or someone who doesn't mind a new love with a little baggage. It's a solid, ready to go Tele for a greatly reduced price. Most importantly? It's a guitar with a ton of soul and vibe that plays and looks fantastic! Priced with hardshell case (non-original).  


  • Serial Number 47129
  • 6lbs 14oz
  • Ash body
  • Maple/Brazilian rosewood neck
  • Original pickups & electronics 

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