Fender Stratocaster Olympic White (1961)

No longer for sale


If you're in the market for a great playing, sounding, and vibe-heavy vintage Strat but don't want to swing for the fences price-wise for a pristine, museum-worth specimen, read on...

From the collection of a local, incredibly talented player and shop friend, this '61 Olympic White Strat is dialed in for the stage or studio. The body was recently refinished by Dan Strain in Nashville - you may know him best under his now, sadly, defunct brand, Danocaster. For those new to Dan's name, this is a good thing. He's renown for his ultra-authentic relic'd Strat, Tele, and Jazzmaster replicas, and this '61 Strat shares that ultra-authentic look (you might not even notice if someone doesn't point it out to you). Bonus points to Dan for not painting over the original Fender pencil marks underneath the tremolo springs on the back of the guitar. Nice.

The only other things that keep the guitar from being stock are a refret w/jumbo frets and the pots were changed to more modern pots by pickup legend Lindy Fralin (again, this guitar was set up for a professional player). To us, this makes the guitar a lot easier to play and certainly stage/studio worthy. 

The neck carve is wonderful - on the slightly chunky side that '61-62 Strats are known for. Combined with the jumbo frets, the playability is incredibly easy with medium action. Plugged in? Classic Strat tones - great bite from the bridge pickup without being harsh, SRV-approved neck pickup tones, and that oft forgotten middle pickup is a sweet blend of the two. Nothing to dislike here, at all. 

If a vintage Strat has been on your wishlist, this '61 beauty is certainly a worthy contender - check it out! Priced with hardshell case. 



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