Echopark El Cabillo Case Study (2016)



“I love Juniors, Teles, some of the Supros and Hagstrums and definitely old Gretches!  Those elements combined to create my overall inspiration.  The main thing that I wanted to do was to figure out how to make an improved one from start to finish 100% by hand.  I want to use my hands, eyes and ears to select and build every part of every instrument.  That was the driving force in the idea behind doing this!” - Gabriel Currie

The Case Study series from Echopark Guitars represents the pinnacle of Gabriel Currie's work. In his own words: 

"These are select versions of my models and custom built one off creations. This is my opportunity to create solely as an Artist with no limitations on specs, dimensions, etc...In a nutshell they are 100% unique. I build these throughout the years and no detail is overlooked. They are my dream guitars." 

This El Cabillo Case Study exudes a vintage vibe somewhat like an LP Junior-meets-Epi Wilshire. Once in hand, that vibe is deepened further by a really fat (but incredibly comfortable) neck carve and wraptail bridge. The feel is decidedly LP Junior and the sense you get is this is a rock and blues machine, period.

The exposed coil humbucker and Firebird neck pickup deliver classic rock tones in spades. It's funny, the tones you get from this guitar are almost self explanatory - it sounds exactly like you think it would based on its looks. The pickups balance quite well with no wide volume or tone differences that make them hard to use, they work really well together. 

Lastly, note the lack of a tone knob.

"What? No tone knob?! I can't...."

Oh yes you can, and it's a hell of a lot of fun, trust us. Again, this is a rock and blues machine. Set it on your amp and forget it - just play. Didn't slow EVH down much now did it? ;-)

Condition: Excellent to near mint. Very light signs of previous ownership. 

A great example of Echopark's best-of-the-best - well made, great feel, killer tones. Check it out! Priced with original hardshell case, spec sheet, and cert. of auth. 


  • Old Stock Honduras Body and Neck
  • Medium-LG '59 Rolled V-D Neck
  • Ziricote Fretboard
  • 12" radius
  • Jescar 9055 frets
  • Bone Nut
  • Grover Pre-war Open Back Tuners
  • Firebird Neck Pickup, Humbucker Bridge Pickup 
  • MojoAxe Bridge 
  • Tortoise Nitrate Pickguard
  • Custom G&G case
  • 7lbs 5oz

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