DeTemple Spirit Series '52 Tele (2006)



Michael DeTemple's guitars are legendary and considered by many to be some of the best Fender-style guitars you can get. Having worked for the likes of Dylan, Clapton, Neil Young, Ron Wood, Pete Townshend..the list goes both the studio and on stage, in addition to doing film score work, Michael clearly knows what a great guitar should (and needs) to be. 

In his own words:

"The Spirit Series guitars came from necessity. My personal guitars were classic 50's Strats and Teles. I found myself facing a dilemma. I wanted to play my old guitars but feared taking them on the road or into clubs due to their increasing value. I decided to make a couple of guitars for myself that would meet my demands and try to match up my trusty "Old Friends" that I had played for so many years. The results were my first Spirit Series Guitars. I feel that these guitars are the best of the best." 

The playability is excellent and the 50s style, soft V neck carve feels great. Chunky yet carved in such a way that we didn't experience any fatigue (this isn't the overly bloated Nocaster style carve found on a lot of 50s style Teles).

It's a very resonant, lively, snappy sounding guitar played acoustically. Tons of sustain and punch are present and certainly reveal themselves when plugged in. There's a depth to this T-style guitar that we haven't experienced in other T's. Great bass response and overall power. It's literally something you can just feel in the guitar. It reminded us a bit of a Tele crossed with a LP Special. Cool, you say? Very. 

Condition: Excellent. There's a very, very minor indentation on the corner of the top near the input jack (it's something you might miss unless you knew it was there), a finish imperfection on the side of the guitar near the bridge (see pics), one small finish chip on the neck block right where the neck and body meet, and some minor weather checking (that's easy to miss unless you look closely). Otherwise, there's no fret wear and all electronics work as they should. 

An incredible T that could easily be your only T for life! Priced with original hardshell case.  


  • Build date: 1/5/2006 signed, Micheal DeTemple
  • Neck: one piece flame maple with walnut skunk stripe
  • Nut = 1 11/16”
  • Neck shape = Soft V, turned fingerboard edge, /.91" to .96"
  • 9.5 radius, 25.5” scale, 21 frets
  • Gotoh 510 open back tuners
  • Zero fret wear
  • Hardware is chrome with titanium bridge saddles and string ferrules
  • Pickups are proprietary DeTemple Sweet Spot
  • One piece Swamp Ash body
  • "Rico Burst" 
  • 3-way switch
  • Mammoth tusk switch tip, nut and string tree
  • Original Hard G&G case
  • 8lbs 2oz

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