"The guitars are finished to look like real instruments made by a real person, not poured out of a mold on the other side of the globe. All custom guitars are designed in collaboration with the players who use them - professionals, beginners, and in-between." -Creston Lea

Absolutely loving this killer Creston Offset we just took in! 

Like other guitars we've gotten from the Burlington, VT-based Creston Lea, he's managed to take inspiration from the classic Fender Jazzmaster but instead of making a clone, he brought his vision of what this style of guitar could be to the table and the results are stellar. In this case, it's almost like you're getting 4 guitars in 1.

Feel-wise, it's all Fender, though Creston's guitars have a far more refined, handmade vibe. The slim C carve feels great coupled with a 1 3/4" nut width - perfectly spaced for more complex chord work or just old-school rhythm and lead work.

Acoustically, this is a very loud and resonant guitar - tons of clarity and snap on hand. Plugged in, thanks to a trio of beautiful sounding Lollar P90s and a clever 4-way rotary switch, you can access just the bridge P90 for a LP Jr-meets-Jazzmaster tones, the bridge and neck pickups which sound quite a bit like a P90 equipped Gibson, the middle and neck P90s for some Hendrix-worthy Strat cluck, and the neck pickup delivers beautiful Jazzmaster-esq roundness. Very, very cool and not what you'd expect - and this is the genius of Creston's work. That unexpected twist on a classic is his calling card.

Creston has earned a stellar reputation amongst a wide range of players and for good reason. If you've been eyeing his guitars, don't miss this one - an exceptionally cool piece that embodies everything that's so cool about Creston's work! Priced with original Creston/Levys gig bag.


  • 1-piece Ash body
  • Maple/Brazilian Rosewood neck, .830" C
  • Red nitro lacquer
  • Lollar Standard Wind P90, F-Spaced (bridge), Standard Wind P90 (middle), 50s Wind P90 (neck)
  • Mastery Bridge/Tremolo 
  • 3-ply mint pickguard
  • 25 1/2" Scale Length
  • 1 3/4" nut width
  • Bone nut
  • 10" Radius
  • .095"x.047" frets
  • Gotoh tuners, staggered
  • Mustang knobs
  • 4-way rotary switch (b / b+n / m+n, n), Daka-Ware switch lever, 500k CTS Audio volume/tone, .01mf cap
  • .011-.048 strings
  • Levys / Creston embroidered gigbag
  • 7lbs 9oz

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