"The guitars are finished to look like real instruments made by a real person, not poured out of a mold on the other side of the globe. All custom guitars are designed in collaboration with the players who use them - professionals, beginners, and in-between." -Creston Lea

Made a few hours north of TME in Burlington, VT, Creston builds each guitar to the customer's specs. Those customers include the likes of Kris Delmhorst, Jaleel Bunton (TV on the Radio), Mark Erelli, Ian Mackay (Fugazi), Jay Farrar (Son Volt), Zack Hickman (Josh Ritter), Henry Kaiser, Michael Millard (Froggy Botton Guitars), and dozens of others. 

Working at a shop like TME, you can imagine we love guitars of all shapes, sizes, and approaches - who wouldn't love to be surrounded by the best instruments on the planet on a daily basis? As such, we love the impossibly well made guitars, and we love when builders stray from the path and get creative. Case in point? Creston Lea's 2007 Flying Dutchman. 

Made from salvaged barn wood and an old F-style neck, this guitar just exudes vibe. Sure, it's rough around the edges in a rustic sort of way, but that's precisely the point. The reclaimed barn wood is what supplies the rustic vibe, the guitar itself is a joy to play and feels a lot like a vintage Mustang. 

Tones? Killer! This is an awesome sounding guitar. The pickups balance well and you get all the Tele snarl you could ever ask for, coupled with a sweet, open sounding P90 in the neck position. The setup is great and plays better than any Mustang we've played in a long time. 

Condition: The frets are in great shape with little wear, all electronics work as they should, and the setup is great. The P90 is a replacement pickup and the original Charlie Christian pickup is included. This guitar originally had a Bigsby installed and the Bigsby does come with the guitar as well. 

If you're a fan of guitars of all shapes and sizes like we are, give this one serious consideration. There's something really cool about instruments like this - they pull different things out of you and when they sound this good, it's a bit of a no-brainer! Priced with hardshell case, Charlie Christian pickup, and Bisgby. 

On consignment, no trades please. 



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