"With our builds, we try to blend ease of use with tweak-ability. From every knob sounding good at every point on the dial, to artwork that takes creative ideas and implements them in a simple and expressive way, to top-mounted jacks and dual footswitches on all standard production line pedals...we like to create versatility mixed with smart layouts." - Alex Guaraldi

Based in Easton, Massachusetts, the team at Coppersound Pedals have developed several very well designed pedals that we think will appeal to electric players seeking versatile, great sounding, easy-to-dial-in pedals.

The good lads at Coppersound have done it again. The cleverly housed Broadway is a Germanium based preamp and treble booster and it sounds killer! You'd be forgiven for thinking the Tele themed Broadway is all about the twang but this beauty is all about pure British goodness. 

A humbucker-equipped guitar + the Broadway + a Victoria Vicky Verb = Mick Ronson. 60s Clapton. Doyle Bramhall II. We could go on, but trust us, it's killer. The three way switch dishes out fat, bass-filled grit through to upper mid, cocked-wah tones. Yes please. 

As you can probably tell, we're really digging the Broadway. It's really refreshing to encounter a simple, straightforward, tone-filled pedal that reminds us why playing guitar is so fun in the first place. Nicely done fellas! 


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