"We strive to design and build amps with a distinct character, sonic personality, flexibility, and practical features that will inspire you to create your very own signature sound at volume levels appropriate for home, studio, and stage." - Steve Carr

Loosely based on a Vox AC10, the Lincoln sports 2 foot switchable channels and assignable reverbs (Channel 1 can have a totally different preset reverb than Channel 2). As with most of Steve Carr's amps, the amp's wattage is user selectable - in this case between a very home friendly 6 watts up to a gig worthy 18 watts (we have some EVH approved jam sessions at volumes quieter than you'd watch TV thanks to the master volume on Channel 2).

Condition: This has been our store demo model and only lightly used / like new (marked down from $2980) - was never sold or returned. 

Simply put, we love this amp. It could end your search for the "do it all amp"! 



  • 18 Watts full output ---- (Raw Power)
  • OD Channel Low/High Gain switch - 70s Swamp to ultra 80s overdrive - (Glamtastic)
  • Clean Channel Normal/Bright switch - Warm AC to Top Boost Jangle - (Timbre)
  • Foot switchable channels and OD Hi/Low - (Stage Ready) 
  • Built-in switchable attenuator 18/6 watts- (Ultra Useful)
  • Celestion Creamback M-65 12” speaker - (Pistonic)
  • All tube Reverb in each channel - (Aquatic)
  • All NC yellow pine cabinet - (Solid Tone)
  • Analysis Plus cable - (Super Conductive)

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