Campanella Violin (2015)



Here's a rare opportunity to acquire a violin built by Vermont-based luthier Joseph Campanella Cleary! If you're a regular visitor around these parts, you've likely seen Mr. Campanella's highly sought-after mandolins appear (and disappear) with limited frequency. And their unmistakeable aesthetic has probably clued you in to the builder's origins making world-class violins. This instrument was Campanella's personal player for the last four years; and it's offered for sale exclusively through TME. Beautifully constructed in the style of Giuseppe Guarneri, this is a warm, loud and rich-sounding violin that sounds equally well-suited to Bach's partitas as it does to Big Mon's fiddle tunes.

Some notes from the builder: This violin is inspired by Giuseppe Guarneri ("del Gesu"), but with a cleaner approach than his rustic style. The Guarneri influence can mainly be seen in the outline, the style of f-holes, as well as the approach to the scroll, with tool marks left in the volute. A dark sound, with a deep reserve of power for the advanced player. This violin matches well with a pernambuco or carbon fiber bow. I have presented it with a Coda Classic bow, which gives a little more edge and bite - brilliance on the top end. This instrument has been my personal violin for the last four years, and this is the setup I have chosen over time. 

This violin is with us on consignment. Payment by check or bank transfer (credit cards and PayPal subject to processing fee).



  • European Spruce and Maple
  • Amber-resin oil varnish finish (lightly and tastefully antiqued)
  • Pegs and tailpiece of lightweight boxwood
  • Figured Boxwood chinrest with titanium clamps
  • 62g carbon fiber bow
  • Bobelock case

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