"We wanted to create an instrument that would be versatile enough for players who use a pick, and for players who are finger stylists. It needed to be superior in terms of playability, and it had to be gimmick free. It had to be lightweight, comfortable and unique." -Avi @ B&G Guitars

This unbelievably beautiful 'Step Sister' Private Build Ziricote represents the top of the line from Tel-Aviv based B&G Guitars. While the Step Sister has a lot in common with B&G's Little Sister model, there are a few meaningful tweaks that help the Step Sister hold her own against her well-known sibling. Most notably, a slightly shortened body shape, 16th fret neck joint (vs 14th on the Little Sister), solid headstock (vs slotted), and 22 frets (vs 20). 

The attention to detail and build quality are extremely high and obvious from the moment you take the guitar out of its case. The Ziricote woods used throughout the build - fingerboard, headstock overlay, and top - elevate this Step Sister's vibe into custom shop territory which is furthered by the addition of gold hardware. The one-piece, chambered African Mahogany body hosts a solid maple blank that is recessed to host a 2mm Ziricote overlay which "sinks" into the top, leaving just enough maple on the outer edges for a natural binding effect (which also extends to the F-holes!).

In hand, the smaller stature of the Step Sister feels great for both seated and standing playing sessions. The neck is chunky in a late 50s Gibson way (which we love - it's very comfortable). The setup is fantastic and really easy to play on. This is a very resonant and alive feeling guitar with excellent sustain. Plugged in, these attributes combine to create a really full yet open sound. Articulate clean and overdriven tones that aren't lacking for heft and muscle. It's a very cool combination to be sure. 

If you haven't had a chance to play a B&G guitar yet, we think you'll be equally impressed - these guitars are the real deal and as good as anything we've played. Priced with B&G hardshell case. 


  • One-piece African Mahogany Body, chambered
  • Ziricote and Maple Top 
  • Honduran mahogany neck
  • B&G Soft V / Custom neck shape, .89" @ 1st - .98" @ 12th
  • Ziricote fingerboard and headstock veneer w/maple binding
  • Full Brass B&G Tailpiece, lacquered 
  • Brass pickguard (included in the case, not installed)
  • Gotoh tuners
  • 1.68" Nut Width 
  • 24 3/4" Scale Length
  • 12" Radius 
  • 16th fret neck joint
  • 22 frets
  • B&G hand wound humbuckers, CTS 500K pots, 3-way switch
  • Weight: 7lbs 4oz

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