"We wanted to create an instrument that would be versatile enough for players who use a pick, and for players who are finger stylists. It needed to be superior in terms of playability, and it had to be gimmick free. It had to be lightweight, comfortable and unique." -Avi @ B&G Guitars

This gorgeous 2018 Step Sister has a lot in common with B&G's well-known Little Sister model, but with a few meaningful differences that are worthy of a mention. Most importantly, the Step Sister sports a slightly shortened body shape, 16th fret neck joint (vs 14th on the Little Sister), solid headstock (vs slotted), and 22 frets (vs 20).

Like all B&G guitars, the attention to detail on this Step Sister is evident from the moment you sit down to play. The smaller stature of the Step Sister feels great for both seated and standing playing sessions. The neck has a chunky feel much like a late 50s Gibson (though the B&G is a touch more manageable). The setup is fantastic and really easy to play on. This is a very resonant and alive feeling guitar with excellent sustain.

Plugged in, B&G's own "Kikbuckers" sound fantastic. Single coils tones without any buzzing - what's not to love? Think articulate, chimey, P-90-esq clean and overdriven tones that aren't lacking for heft and muscle. The intended concept of creating a versatile instrument is evident here - you really can cover a wide range of genres with ease. 

Condition: Near mint save for a patch of light pick marks on the top and very light tarnishing on the hardware. No fret wear, dings, or other signs of prior ownership. The setup feels fantastic. 

If you haven't had a chance to play a B&G guitar yet, we think you'll be equally impressed - these guitars are the real deal and as good as anything we've played. Priced with B&G hardshell case. 


  • One-piece African Mahogany Body
  • Quilted Maple top, Category 4 
  • Honduran mahogany neck
  • Ziricote fingerboard 
  • Quilted maple headstock veneer w/maple binding 
  • 1.68" Nut Width 
  • 24 3/4" Scale Length
  • 12" Radius 
  • B&G hand wound Kikbuckers, CTS 500K pots, 3-way switch
  • Weight: 7lbs 7oz

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