"I am a fan of concise pedals with few knobs. I won't use a pedal with several knobs - that shows that the designer didn't know how to finish the pedal and left that for the customer. Pedals that are elegant in their simplicity are best." - Mike Piera 

We're huge fan's of Connecticut-based Analogman and are proud to represent Mike Piera's pedals! Analogman Effects are legendary in the industry and for good reason - these are some of the best sounding, reliable, and well thought out pedals available today.

The legendary Analogman Clone Chorus...looking for lush, analog chorus or faux Leslie tones? Not sure it gets much better than this!

Due to the NOS high voltage Panasonic bucket brigade chips used in this circuit, you can use higher input signals (gives you higher headroom), have more dynamic range, all with less noise than other chorus pedals on the market. Subtle 12-string like swirl through Scofield approved Leslie tones, you can dial in whatever you need. Love this one!

Condition: Literally like new w/box and all box candy. We just have to call it used because it was pre-owned...


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