Whenever we receive a new Chuck Lee banjo we're reminded of just how special his instruments are.  I frequently find myself using the word "depth" to describe's Chuck's banjos and there's a reason for that: you'd be hard pressed to find any other banjo out there with the kind of low end presence found in this Ovilla.  Its incredibly lightweight feel belies it's huge sound, which is warm and earthy with tons of resonance.  The "Man in the Moon"  inlay work on the headstock elegantly compliments the woods chosen and exceptional build quality.  Be warned, you may find it hard to put this banjo down after a few strums.  Priced with hard case.


  • Cherry Neck & Rim
  • Integral Wood Tone Ring
  • John Balch Skin Head
  • Man in the Moon Inlay
  • Dobson Heel
  • Frailing Scoop
  • Hand Rubbed Varnish Finish
  • Hard Case

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