"Neunaber Audio Effects designs audio products for the discerning musician, emphasizing high-fidelity sound and balancing simplicity with functionality." - Brian Neunaber

We're thrilled to be carrying Neunaber Audio Effects! The beauty of Brian's pedals is that they're very sophisticated - and gorgeous sounding - but are really intuitive and easy to use. Players like John Scofield, Wayne Krantz, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and David Torn use Brian's pedals - a pretty strong endorsement!

We've been really digging Neunaber's new Iconoclast Speaker Emulator. In short, you can run your pedals straight into the Iconoclast - without the need for an amp - and either go out via headphones for late night playing, or, into your recording interface or PA. No IR's, no plugins, no bs to mess with. Just plug in, kick on your favorite pedals and prepare to be shocked at how amp-like it sounds and feels. 

Pop over to Neunaber's website to get the full rundown, but you can make the Iconoclast as plug and play or tweakable as you desire (Neunaber has software that allows you to dig deeper in to eq'ing until your heart's content if you're the restless type).


  • Low adjusts the virtual cabinet type and size
  • Mid captures the speaker’s dynamic interaction with the amplifier
  • High shifts the frequency cut off, reproducing a wide range of speaker types

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