April, 2019

Victoria Amplifier at The Music Emporium

Collings Parlor 1A Koa Traditional Sunburst:

One of the guitars I find myself constantly reaching for the in the shop is the Collings Parlor 1A Koa Traditional Sunburst.  The feather-light weight of this instrument is just incredible and reminds me of some of the best vintage guitars I’ve played.  Think along the lines of the feel of a really great vintage Martin small body guitar, but in a new instrument that plays perfectly and sounds absolutely incredible.  If had this guitar at home I don’t think I’d ever put it down.  

Santa Cruz OM Grand Moon Spruce & Mahogany from "The Tree":

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a few guitars built out of mahogany from “The Tree” over the last year or so and this Santa Cruz OM Grand Moon Spruce & “Tree” mahogany is a perfect example of what’s so special about this wood.  In addition to being gorgeously figured this old growth mahogany has a tone that many of us have compared to the best Brazilian Rosewood. The OM Grand remains one of my favorite body sizes from Santa Cruz and it widens the dynamic range considerably, without sacrificing responsiveness. If you pick this one up for a quick strum 45 minutes later you'll look up and find you’ve completely lost track of time.  

Kevin Ryan Nightingale Grand Soloist Honduran Rosewood: 

I’m really excited to have Kevin Ryan’s guitars back in the shop as I’ve always found the sound of his guitars really interesting and appealing.  The Nightingale Grand Soloist Honduran Rosewood is a real showcase for many of the best qualities of Kevin’s forward-looking guitars.  It has incredible string to string balance, and as a predominantly finger style guitar player I really enjoy its rich balanced tone that might best be described as pianistic.  

Froggy Bottom H-12 Limited Koa & German Spruce Cutaway:

The sound of Froggy Bottom guitars has always stood out to me.  This H-12 Limited Koa & German Spruce combines the indelible sound of his popular 12-fret body style with an absolutely jaw-dropping set of Koa.  I knew this one would look great but I didn’t anticipate it would sound so exceptional.  This is one of my favorite instruments to come from Froggy’s shop in recent memory.  If this were a wine the tasting notes would be: earthy, powerful, bold, dynamic, expansive.

Collings I-30 Aged Pelham Blue w/ Throbaks:

I grew up playing mostly acoustic guitars but one of the fun things about working at TME is being exposed to all sorts of different instruments.  The Collings I-30 Aged Pelham Blue w/ Throbaks has really captured my attention and I find myself reaching for it again and again.  I think what really speaks to me is how acoustically responsive and nuanced is, due in large part to it’s fully hollow body.  If you are interested in crossing over to electric guitar you may find yourself equally entranced with this model.  Also, this one is Aged Pelham Blue!

Chuck Lee 11" Cherry Prairieville:

I’m not a great banjo player but I dabble in it and and Chuck Lee’s banjos are among my favorite banjos we receive.  This Prairieville 11” has all of the best qualities of Chuck’s instruments: incredible low end depth, huge resonance, and a round warm tone.  There’s something really inspiring and unique about Chuck’s instruments. 

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