Spotlight on the brilliant Mastery Bridge & Vibrato

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If you follow electric guitars, you've likely noticed a resurgence of offset-style guitars - the Fender Jazzmaster, to be specific. Let's face it, Jazzmasters look cool, sound fantastic, and play...well....let's just say, they're quirky. Musical and inspiring? Absolutely. But this ain't your old Strat or Les Paul. 

One of the most misunderstood elements of a Jazzmaster has to be its bridge and vibrato. When dialed in right, they work beautifully and are a great alternative to a Bigsby. Problem is, even when dialed in, they can buzz and rattle, don't always stay in tune, etc...

Enter the brilliantly designed Mastery Bridge & Vibrato. Championed by players like Nels Cline, Tom Verlaine, and Elvis Costello (just to name a few), the Mastery Bridge & Vibrato likely has more than a little to do with this renewed interest in offset guitars. Players no longer have to struggle with the original bridge design's quirks, allowing some really cool guitar designs to flourish.

We've pulled together a selection of amazing instruments that utilize the soft, luscious feel and tuning stability of the Mastery Bridge and Vibrato. Have a look around...