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Instruments at The Music Emporium


The Music Emporium has always been more than just a business. We're a close knit community of enthusiasts that believes in the power of music and song to elevate us even in the most trying of times. We weathered the events of September 11, the 2008 financial crisis and the Boston Marathon bombings. In each instance, we've been able to provide a warm, comforting respite from the craziness going on outside our doors.

Now, like so many of you, we're being tested again by something most of us have never experienced before. I'm writing to let you know that, while our doors remain open, I am under no illusions that business will stay the same. So much has, and will continue to change. But the one constant in all of this will be my commitment first to my staff, their safety, the well being of their families, and our community at large.

We are quite certain that we will all be here on the sunnier side of these current events and we're looking forward to celebrating our shared wellness and renewed and invigorated social and musical connections under the warm, cheerful skies of spring and summer. Please take good care of yourselves until that time and by all means call or email us, visit our website, continue to make music with friends and family, and stay in touch!

With care, concern, and appreciation for all your support, Joe Caruso and TME Staff

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