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Collings Guitars at The Music Emporium
"Every day we try to make a better guitar, every day. You're trying to reach for more, trying to do better, not trying to do the same. A lot of companies are trying to do the same, and that's okay. Our goal is a little more." -Bill Collings

Only a handful of luthiers have ever earned the kind of reputation by which Bill Collings is known. His fearlessness in the face of a challenge and dogged pursuit of excellence in instrument design and acoustic tone have put him in a class of his own amongst modern guitarmakers. And TME is proud to be a partner in developing his legacy as the preeminent builder of small shop acoustic & electric guitars.

Collings 290

The Collings 290 raises the bar on this legendary, late 50s design. 

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Collings 360

The Collings 360 model beautifully melds Fender and Gibson features into a new, completely unique model. 

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Collings City Limits

Made in both Standard and Deluxe models, the Collings City Limits redefines what a set-neck, twin humbucker guitar can be. 

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Collings I-30LC

Collings turns their attention to the classic ES-330 model with the I-30LC. A phenomenal guitar that connects the airiness of a hollow-body with the bite and midrange of P90 pickups. 

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Collings I-35

Made in both Laminate and Carved models, the Collings I-35 is quite simply the best semi-hollow body guitar on the market. 

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Collings SoCo

Made in both Standard and Deluxe models, the Collings SoCo is a unique take on the classic semi-hollow body. 

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