Yanuziello Goldtop



Any day a new Yanuziello arrives at the shop is a good day - these guitars elicit a lot of excitement from TME staff as well as our regular customers. Though you don't see these everywhere, you immediately know you're holding a special guitar when you first pick one up. Spend 5 minutes playing it, and you will find yourself being drawn in. They're very addictive to play - exceptionally musical, unique, and a honestly, just a blast to play. 

Fit and finish are world class and, dare we say, flawless (no, really). Some guitars that reach this level of build perfection can be a little lifeless - the pursuit of perfection at the expense of being soulful. Not so with Joe Yanuziello's instruments. There's a lot of heart and soul in these guitars and we regularly find ourselves digging deeper, playing new licks and ideas when we get a spare 15 minutes to sit with one. 

The tones from the Fralin/Yanuziello single coil pickups are articulate, nuanced, fat, and warm. There is a complexity to the tone of these guitars that's very appealing to our ears. You can achieve Frisell-esq clean tones all the way to swampy, loose-bass, pushed blues tones with ease. Did we mention that these guitars weigh between 5-6lbs? Just an amazing playing experience overall.

We can assure you, you don't own a guitar like this. These guitars would make an exceptional addition to any collection! Priced with a Yanuziello Ameritage case.


  • Mahogany Body & Neck
  • Gold Lacquer Over Maple Cap
  • Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard / Headstock Face
  • Fralin/Yanuziello Single Coil Pickups
  • Yanuziello Bridge/Tailpiece - Chromed Brass
  • Ameritage Case
  • SN: 20416E
  • Weight: 6lbs

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