Probett Rocket III Hardtail (2016)



We are excited to represent the brilliant Damian Probett and currently have 5 guitars on order. Damian is considered by many in the boutique world as one of the finest builders working today - his name regularly appears in conversation along with the likes of Johan Gustavsson, Gil Yaron, and Michael Stevens - heavyweights to be sure! 

In anticipation of our first batch of guitars, we're thrilled to be able to offer this 2016 Rocket III hardtail which just came in on consignment! We can't stress enough how cool these guitars are. Flawless build quality, huge tones, versatile, and the feel - this is one of those guitars that feels alive in your hands the second you pick it up. 

Session ace Matte Henderson brought the Rocket's concept into the world, originally as a bolt-neck guitar, and Damian brought it into the set-neck world. This guitar is based on the "three food groups" of guitars - Teles, Strats, Les Pauls. Each of those guitar styles have long proven how amazing they are - yet - I think we'd all confess to finding aspects of those classic designs that leave us wishing for something...else....more.

Take a Strat. Super comfortable, great for lead playing, sounds pretty thin at times. Tele? Awesome tones, great feel, but...they're challenging to play for a lot of players. Les Paul? Killer tones and playability...but, they're heavy handed in the wrong situation. Now if I could have a guitar with the best of all of these guitars in one...

The Rocket does precisely this - it captures the essence of these 3 classic guitar's strengths and rolls them into one guitar. Overall, it feels like a Strat (albeit a short-scale, set-neck one), but you can pull huge, articulate Les Paul tones out of it when you want. The way a Tele balances in your lap (due to the lack of body contours) and control plate location provides a subtle, yet really effective, level of comfort when seated.

There are so many subtle aspects to the Rocket it's hard to cover them all in a short listing, but suffice it to say we're totally knocked out and grow more so the more we play these guitars. We definitely recommend checking out Damian's work, you won't be disappointed! Priced with Hiscox hardshell case. 

Condition: Like new save for a bit of smudging on the pickup covers (it's very subtle in person). 

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • Set neck with “Explorer”style Extended tenon
  • Premium grade 1 piece 1.75″ Mahogany
  • Contours: “T” style lower edge radius, “S” style upper radius with deep belly and forearm contours
  • Neck Material: One piece quartersawn Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Binding: Single ply “Royalite”
  • Inlays: Vintage spec Dot inlays
  • Fretboard Radius: 12″
  • Nut Width: 1.693″ (43mm)
  • Vintage style 3/16 single acting rod
  • Nut: Bone
  • Frets: Nickel Silver (.100” x .050”)
  • Headstock angle: 10 degrees
  • 24.625" Scale Length 
  • Pickups: 2 Bulldog P90s, 1 Bulldog Humbucker 
  • Switching: 5 way 
  • ​Nickel Hardware
  • Bridge: Pigtail 
  • Tuners: Gotoh “Kluson” type (staggered) 
  • Lightly aged unplasticised nitrocellulose lacquer
  • Hiscox “Liteflite” hardcase

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