Lowden Limited F-50 Bog Oak & Lutz Spruce



TME is happy to host one of the very limited Lowden Winter 2017 models features ancient "Bog Oak" back and sides (carbon dated to 5300 years old!) paired with a Lutz spruce soundboard. You might be thinking ... An OAK guitar? And normally, we'd be with you. But playing this guitar is a downright revelatory experience. Sensational tone, and a woody, forward and powerful voice. This is a Lowden you can flatpick, fingerpick, strum as hard as you like ~ and it'll deliver the classic Lowden tone with power like you haven't heard from their other guitars. An exceptional offering from George Lowden's workshop!



  • Lutz Spruce top
  • Ancient Bog Oak back & sides
  • Ancient Bog Oak headstock veneer
  • Figured Tasmanian bindings
  • Abalone Rosette
  • Cherry / Walnut 5-pc neck
  • Gotoh 510 tuning machines
  • 1 3/4" nut width
  • 25.5" SL

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