Koll RE Archtop



"The Re Model has evolved in many ways over the years, but I built the original in 1991 for jazz guitarist Ron Eschete. That's where the 'RE' comes from. The basic construction philosophy was much like a traditional archtop jazz guitar: carved spruce top, carved maple back, bent maple sides, etc...The general idea behind this model is to have the voice and character of a big jazz box but in a compact, headless, ergonomic design." -Saul Koll

"Whoa! What is that??" "Wow! What an interesting guitar!" "That thing is crazy - I don't even know what to think!!"

We hear a wide range of comments when presenting this guitar to customers. One unifying element emerges once people have a chance to actually play it - whether bluegrass traditionalist, more forward thinking players, blues, country, jazz, metal, you name it - all are completely blown away. 

When you take this archtop from its robust custom flight case, the first thing that hits you is how lightweight this guitar is. It's a tricky one to weigh on our scales (given it's shape and lack of headstock), but it can't be more than 3 or 4 lbs. Once in your lap, the body shape puts the neck at the exact right angle for optimal playing. It's funny, this guitar reveals just how much effort you expend when playing a traditionally shaped guitar. You expend zero energy to hold this guitar - it's just there, ready to make music! An incredible experience to be sure. Talk about a guitar that "gets out of the way."

Whether played acoustically or plugged in, this RE sounds incredible. It's incredibly lively and responsive making a variety of styles effortless to play. The Lollar humbuckers capture a gorgeous, articulate, airy tone that jazz players will absolutely love. What's interesting is that, each RE being different and unique, this RE can even dip into 335 territory with the right amp settings / technique (it covers way more ground that a typical archtop could). 

This Koll RE archtop is a masterpiece in every regard. There is a 2 year wait for one and Saul has only made about 15 to date. We're thrilled to be able to offer such a rare example, and pinnacle, of Saul's work! Priced with a custom flight case and gig bag. 


  • MODEL: RE-6
  • FINISH: Top and back burst, nitro
  • BODY: Hollow body, carved flamed Oregon big leaf maple back, bent big leaf maple sides, walnut tuner box with pearl Koll logo inlay
  • TOP: Carved Sitka spruce, F-hole
  • NECK: Mahogany, set neck, medium C shape, headless with patina-ed brass endpiece
  • BINDING: Neck, F-hole, partial top binding
  • FRETBOARD: Rosewood, 10" to 14" compound radius FRETBOARD INLAYS: none
  • FRETS: Jescar .090 x .055 medium jumbo
  • NUT WIDTH: 1.687" hand-cut unbleached bone
  • TUNERS: Hipshot locking
  • SCALE: 24.625"
  • BRIDGE: Schroeder Tune-o-matic
  • PICKUPS: Two Lollar Imperial humbuckers
  • CONTROLS: V-T / LP toggle
  • KNOBS: Koll custom, tortoise
  • PICKGUARD: none
  • STRINGS: 10-46
  • CASE: Two cases: custom flight case and padded soft bag

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