Gibson J-45 (1950)



Outstanding player's Gibson J-45 just into the shop! This guitar, produced in 1950, has been played heavily but remains crack-free. It's seen a bit of work during its time: replacement tuners, maple bridge plate and strap button installed/removed from neck heel. The bridge has been re-contoured at some point, but it's functional and looks good. The action favors a flatpicker: it measures 3.5/32" on the bass side and 3/32" on the treble side (measuring from the top of the 12th fret). Excellent, booming, throaty sound, with treble strings you can really dig into without sacrificing snap or projection. The guitar also loves a capo in the middle part of the neck, and loses no clarity or definition when played there. If you're looking for a great player's-grade J-45 for strumming and bluegrass style rhythm guitar, this is a fantastic choice. Priced with non-original hard case. 


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