Gibson J-45 (1946)



Killer-sounding 1946 Gibson J-45 just into the shop! This guitar has been gigged heavily over its lifetime, and bears the scattered dings and lacquer checking you'd expect from a life on the road. Small, well-repaired back crack (see photos). In original condition, save new tuner buttons, nut, saddle and K&K pickup. This is a very lightweight J-45, with a supremely comfortable medium-depth rounded neck and 1 3/4" nut width. Good saddle height and neck angle, setup right at 3/32" with light gauge strings (you won't need mediums on this guitar, that's for sure!). Effortless playability, and tone to die for ~ a hugely powerful low end, and that great, present-and-honky midrange jangle that any good Gibson dreadnought should deliver. If you're looking for that lifetime companion J-45 and you don't mind a few bumps and bruises, give us a call. Priced with non-original hard case.


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