Gibson J-35 (1940)



This cannon of a 1940 Gibson J-35 has all the elements everyone looking for a great old jumbo is looking for: huge, rumbling tone, just enough mojo to keep the price away from the stratosphere ... and "Tommy" inlaid on the fingerboard. OK, maybe not everyone is looking for that last spec, but it's darn cool nonetheless. This guitar has been played hard, and carries the surface wear and sound to prove it. The current owner has had it for decades (it was already Tommy-fied when he purchased it) and has had no work performed on it. Older, functional if not cosmetically perfect neck set. All structural parts original and in good working condition. Three repaired back cracks with areas of minor finish touch up. 1 11/16" nut width, 24.9" SL. Those baseball bat necks you've heard about? This one's got one. With gig bag -- please inquire about case upgrades. On consignment.

You can view a video of this guitar on our Facebook page here.


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