"I continue to maintain, as always, the very highest hand built standards for my instruments. I feel that my hands-on approach to guitar builder still gives me the greatest satisfaction, and it allows me to produce unique and individual instruments." - Roger Giffin

Roger Giffin is a legend in the guitar industry. His list of clients, which is everybody it seems, is awe-inspiring: McCartney, Clapton, Summers, Gilmour, Townshend, Page, Hackett, Richards, Wood, Walsh, Van Halen, Setzer, Frampton, goes on and on. The man knows a thing or two about building guitars, let's just leave it at that.

This T Deluxe, our first from Roger, is an outstanding guitar in every regard and a reminder of how good hand-made boutique guitars can be. This set-neck, 24 3/4" scale guitar looks, feels, and plays a bit like a LP Special crossed with a Strat. It's a lightweight guitar made from a Honduran mahogany/curly maple capped body, a curly maple/mahogany neck, beautiful Zirocote fingerboard, Abalone "Line" inlays (which look amazing), Tonepros wraptail bridge, and a killer, balanced, and incredibly musical set of Wolfetone "Mean" & "Meaner" P90s. 

The 5-piece, satin finished neck feels somewhere between a 59 LP and an early 60s Strat shape-wise. The expertly shaped medium jumbo frets combined with this carve yield a slinky, easy playing guitar. Some guitars will fight you a touch (Telecasters) and some have a softer, more forgiving feel - this is one of those forgiving guitars. 

The Wolftone P90s sound awesome in this guitar. Like the best modern P90s, they have great midrange presence with an extended top-end. Bass frequencies, while fat and punchy, never get overdone or heavy-handed. Notes remain taut, smooth, and round whether using a pick or fingers. We couldn't get a bad sound out of this guitar, period. 

Beautiful design and construction combine with inspiring tones and playability on our first Roger Giffin guitar. Brilliant stuff - check it out! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • Serial Number 5509120
  • Honduran Mahogany Body
  • Curly Maple/Mahogany Neck 
  • Ziricote Fretboard and Headstock Veneer
  • Black/White Binding
  • Abalone Line Inlays
  • TonePros Bridge 
  • Hipshot Classic Open Tuners
  • Wolfetone "Mean" & "Meaner" P90s
  • 7lbs 7oz

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