We're thrilled to have this iconic, 2nd year of production (!), Vintage Yellow 1986 PRS Custom 24 in the shop on consignment!

In our minds, this is the PRS to have - abalone bird inlays, Brazilian rosewood fretboard w/10" radius, beautifully figured maple top (non-10 top, we should add), mahogany body and neck (set neck), 24 frets, 25" scale, original PRS "T" and "B" humbuckers, locking tuners, and what is arguably the best tremolo going. We used to drool over pics of this model in the guitar mags and catalogs when we were younger, and honestly, it's still just a drool-worthy 34 years later!

These early period PRS instruments feel and sound quite a bit different than their modern counterparts, in our opinion. This guitar is loud, snappy, and really resonant when played without the aid of an amp. Plugged in, Paul's Fender-meets-Gibson concept really comes to life. It's pretty remarkable how versatile this guitar is with twin humbuckers, a 5-way rotary switch, and the famed PRS "Sweet Switch". LP-esq tones, Strat-esq tones, notched/parked wah-esq tones (w/the sweet switch...just tons of sounds available with the twist of a knob. 

Condition: This Custom 24 is in fantastic, all-original condition (save for changed out strap buttons) with very, very few signs of prior ownership. The frets are free of wear and the setup is fantastic. The bridge shows the most wear but appears to have simply tarnished from sitting in the case - we didn't notice any performance issues, it's simply a cosmetic issue with the plating. There are a few very small marks here and there on the body, but overall, this is about as clean/pristine of a used guitar as you'd hope to find - especially a 34 year old one.

If you're looking to add a special guitar to your collection, this would make a great candidate. Not only are these early period PRS instruments fantastic guitars, they hold an important place in the electric guitar's evolution. PRS is one of the few companies that have earned their rightful place alongside the electric companies - Fender & Gibson - and 5 minutes spent playing this beauty will show you why. Priced with hardshell case and trem bar. 



  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Maple top (non 10 top)
  • Brazilian rosewood fingerboard 
  • Abalone bird inlays
  • 10" radius, 24 frets
  • 25" scale
  • PRS T & B humbuckers
  • Volume, 5-way rotary, Sweet Switch
  • Locking tuners
  • Hardshell case
  • SN 6 0970
  • 7lbs 15oz

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