"Building guitars with your own hands, as good as possible and beyond, is nothing a career counselor suggests in high-school (at least not a responsible-minded one). Guitar making is more a calling than a profession, but it is not about 'more, more'. Our constant craving is better, better, better." 

As you'd imagine, we play a ton of guitars every day, many from the same stylistic "food group", and it never fails to amaze us how different each builder's work feels, even when starting from such well-traveled ground like Gibson's Les Paul. Nik Huber's take on the classic Les Paul formula is jaw-dropping on every level and definitely not "just another LP". 

Weighing in at 7lbs 2oz, the semi-hollow body construction of this Orca makes itself known from the word go. It's jarring to pick up a set-neck, dual-humbucker guitar and have it be this lightweight. It's also such a cool way to be introduced to a guitar that you think you have figured out, heavy/clunky Les Paul stereotypes be damned!

The absence of weight plays into the extremely responsive, resonant, and agile feel of this guitar. The high-gloss finish and Fat Back neck carve (Gibson thickness) make this Orca the most Gibson feeling Huber we've had. That said, this guitar is so much more resonant, snappy, rich, and open sounding than any Gibson we've played. Fat neck lovers have a lot to be happy about here though don't be scared off, Nik knows how to carve a neck. Even though it's chunky, it's incredibly comfortable and elegant. Not a clubby neck carve at all. 

Plugged in, think Les Paul meets Tele. The 25" scale adds some beautiful snap and clarity to the traditional Les Paul punch and heft that's also present in this guitar. Add the humbucker coil tap to the mix, and some surprisingly Tele-like tones start to surface. This guitar won't replace your Tele by any means, but you've got a wealth of very usable tones at your disposal, not just Les Paul tones - this guitar sounds much more open and dynamic. 

This natural finished, semi-hollow body Orca is Nik Huber's offering to the Les Paul gods and we're here to tell you, it's insanely great. Check this one out! Priced with hardshell case.


  • Curly/Flame Maple Top 
  • Mahogany body and neck 
  • East Indian Rosewood Fretboard
  • "Fat back" / Gibson thickness neck carve
  • 25" Scale Length 
  • Compound 10-14" Radius
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets, Routed Fretslots
  • 1.67" Nut Width
  • Abalone Dot Inlays
  • Ebony Headstock Veneer, pickups rings, switch tip, tuner buttons, and knobs
  • Polished Bone Nut
  • Tone Pros AVR-2 & Aluminium Tailpiece
  • Gotoh 510 Kluson Style Tuners
  • 59 Haussel Humbuckers w/aged covers
  • 10-46 String Guage
  • Hardcase
  • Weight: 7lbs 2oz
  • #8 2851

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