"Building guitars with your own hands, as good as possible and beyond, is nothing a career counselor suggests in high-school (at least not a responsible-minded one). Guitar making is more a calling than a profession, but it is not about 'more, more'. Our constant craving is better, better, better."  

As we've noted before, Nik Huber makes exquisite (and extremely consistent) instruments, period. There is a simplicity and focus to his builds that is apparent from the moment you pick one up, though don't be deceived by the word "simplicity". In the same way that a great songwriter can produce a timeless classic from 3 chords, or a great chef can blow your mind with only 3 ingredients, the quality and attention to detail inherent in Nik's guitars can only come from the mastery of one's trade. You can just sense the amount of skill and restraint required to execute a build like this (see: neck joint).

Though it's perfectly made, this Krautster II never gets in your way or distracts you with its beauty and perfection. This guitar is extremely resonant, quite loud acoustically, and has tons of sustain (even without the aid of amplification). It's a joy to play, no two ways about it. 

The splittable Haussel made humbucker combined with the Haussel P90 neck pickup yield a ton of different tones - classic rock, Tele-esq twang, even fat jazzy neck tones are possible. There's more Fender-like twang in this Krautster II than it's Gibson-leaning vibe would have you believe - no doubt a result of the 2-piece swamp ash body. To cut to the chase? This guitar sounds stellar no matter what you're trying to coax from it. It's up to you - your ears, hands, and rig. 

If you're in the market for an exceptional rethink of a Les Paul Jr/Special, or just an exceptional electric guitar period, you really owe it to yourself to check out a Huber! Priced with a deluxe hardshell case. 

**Please note: The pickguard isn't currently screwed into the body. Huber left that choice up to the buyer - you can simply remove the guard, leave it on unscrewed (it's perfectly secure), or you could decide to commit to the guard and screw it into the top.


  • Swamp Ash 2-piece body (upgrade)
  • Exceptional Flame maple top (upgrade)
  • Curly Maple Neck, approximately .88" @ 1st fret, .96" @ 12th fret
  • East Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • Dots inlays
  • Compound radius, 10-14"
  • 22 Medium Jumbo, extra hard frets
  • 25" Scale Length
  • Double action truss rod
  • Polished bone nut
  • 1.67" nut width
  • Huber stop tail (aluminum w/brass studs)
  • Schaller Grandtune Kluson-style tuners 
  • Haussel Humbucker & P90
  • 1 master volume, 1 master tone (push/pull), 3 way toggle switch 
  • 010-046 strings 
  • Hardshell case
  • 6lbs 10oz

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