"The vision was clear—to build hand-crafted custom guitars with the best tone, looks, and playability available." - Don Grosh

Considered by many to be a modern day classic, the Grosh Electrajet is an extremely versatile, flawlessly built, tone-filled instrument that's attracted the likes of Mark Knopfler and Steve Miller.

While the Electrajet's body shape certainly tips its hat to the offset Fender designs, in-hand, the EJ has a similar feel to a great Strat (perhaps it's because their bodies similar dimensions). Given that Mr. Knopler has been known to play an Electrajet - and is a legendary Strat player - perhaps we're not alone in that feeling. Whatever the case may be, these guitars feel fantastic in hand and balance perfectly. 

Loaded with a pair of Grosh G-90s, one would expect a Gibson-like tone from this gorgeous Lake Placid Blue Electrajet, but that's not exactly where this guitar lands tonally. There's a lot more Fender snap and twang on board than you'd expect with this type of pickup. We've used Electrajets on sessions with Tele's and Strats and what we heard was a guitar that is coming from a similar place as these classics, but with more low-midrange girth and heft. Imagine a beefy sounding Tele and you'll get a sense of what's possible w/the bridge pickup. The neck pickup sounds like a fatter Strat neck pickup and both pickups together will get you close enough to a LP Special's middle position for rock n' roll. 

The playability is off the charts - low action, perfect setup and fretwork, and a total weight of 7lbs 11oz. Grosh guitars are known for their fretwork and this EJ is no exception. You'll be hard pressed to find an easier playing guitar, no question.

Condition: Excellent. There are a few small indentations scattered around the body and one or two minor finish scuffs. 

The Electrajet is truly modern classic that could easily replace a few guitars in your collection. Priced with hardshell case.


  • Alder Body
  • Lake Placid Blue Metallic ($150)
  • Maple/Indian Rosewood Neck
  • Medium-Large Roundback Carve .850"/.950"
  • 10” Radius
  • 1 5/8” Radius
  • 6150 (Medium) Frets
  • Grosh G-90 Pickups w/cream covers
  • 3-way switch, volume, tone
  • 25 1/2” Scale Length
  • Gotoh 510 bridge 
  • Brown tortoise pickguard ($80)
  • Amber speed knobs
  • Locking Kluson tuners
  • SN 3604
  • 7lbs 11oz

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